Production & Operations Management Training and Certification

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Are you interested in managing the production of goods and services? Do you want to be a manufacturer or are you thinking of packing and processing agricultural products? Then you are interested in becoming a Production and Operation Manager.

Production and Operations Managers deal with the planning, control and co-ordination of the creation of products or services to ensure that the products/services are of high standards to meet the needs of the customers and grow their brand.

Students of Production and Operations Management study the principles of applying business organization and management concepts in creation of goods and services.

A good Production and Operations Manager is one that knows how to use limited resources to get the best results, create a product or service that meets best standards and ultimately grows an organization.

This CIAPS Professional Certificate in Production and Operations Management is a 6 weeks programme aimed at people interested in or already working in an organisation that produces or transforms products and services.

Our ideal candidates will have plans and ambitions to help invent new or improve existing products and services.

It is a hands-on, innovative and dynamic programme that focuses on the strategic elements of production management, operation process, quality management, compliance, distribution and logistics, people management, business communication and brand management.

Graduates from the course will leave CIAPS with a very clear understanding of the essential features of developing and promoting new products and services in new sectors and locations.

During the programme each student will experience different areas of production roles and projects.

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