Advanced IICMR Author

As an Advanced e-learning Author, you can specialize in advanced deployment scenarios of the IICMR performance suite within the framework of this webinar series.

The iicmr series has 4 iicmr that build successively on each other. Each iicmr lasts a maximum of one hour. Participation is free of charge.

For this iicmr series, we require basic knowledge of document management and working with templates in e-learning. These can be acquired in the iicmr series Rapid Author – E-Learning.

In the first iicmr “Working with topics and courses” you will learn how to model suitable structures for your content in the form of courses or topics. The special features of publishing courses are taken into account and the export of content to a Learning Management System is dealt with.

A multimedia preparation of the contents with the help of animations and triggers not only supports the learning effect, but also contributes to an increase in motivation with playful learning of complex facts. Increase the learning curve of your employees by addressing different types of learners in a targeted way. We convey this content in the second iicmr “Interaction and assessment”.

In the third iicmr “Smart Components” you will get to know our small, powerful interactive components. Offer guided learning paths with avatars, enlarge complex organization charts or create learning quizzes.

In the fourth iicmr “Localization” we present the advantages of a system-sided localized language version. Familiarize yourself with the localization process with iicmr and make use of the versatile synergy effects.

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